What Does “Apprentus” Mean?

English is the language of our company.

At Apprentus we speak English every day because it is the only common language between the cofounders. I’m a native French speaker from Brussels where we are located. Marius, the CTO is originally from Estonia and Janne is Finnish and lives in Finland.

When we decided to create a marketplace for face-to-face teachers, we had to find a name. Because of our different native languages and our desire to grow internationally, it had to sound good in many languages. We wanted as well a name that suggest “education”.

After few weeks we had a list of different words, names, Latin or ancient Greek translation and variation of these words. Some of them which- I saved:

Teacher, tutor, instruction, discovery, apprentis, apprentice, docent, instruo, teach me, learn me, learn, discere, professor, doctrina, learning, doctrina, to know, intelligence, intelligens, capabilis, educate, education, great, magnus, instruct, instruere, intelletni, instruccio, instrucio, tutorena, istitutor, tutorax, tutorisma, tutorlista, tutoran, tutorise, virtutores, tutorismo, tutorelista, tutoristo, locatutor, intotutor, virtutoria, tutotoro, intelletni…

Many of these words were fine with us but for each one that we liked the domain name was taken. Therefore we started to play with more variation of the words but most of these variations were as well taken. This way we also found out that there is much more competition on the education market than what he had expected but nothing like what we wanted to do for the face to face tutoring and private teacher market.

In the end, it is Apprentus that has been selected because:
– It has “Apprent” that connote learning in English, like an apprentice, and in French, “apprendre” means learning
– We decided to end it with “us” because it sounds smart as a Latin word and in English we might use it like Apprent Us
– The domain name was free
– It is easy to say it in many languages

So Apprentus is not a Latin word, it originates from turning the Old French word “aprentiz” into a modern Latin sounding word.

And we hope you like it.

Co-founder of Apprentus