Nouveau nom de domaine pour nos cours particuliers en Belgique

Nous vous annonçons le lancement d’un nouveau nom de domaine pour la Belgique :
Bien entendu, tous les liens des cours particuliers créés en Belgique sur sont automatiquement redirigés vers le nouveau site.

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Language Teachers Meetup in Brussels


We decided to organize a meet-up for those teaching languages to people in and around Brussels.

Either by way of business language schools, employed directly by the bigger companies or freelance. It’s also for those of you who are just considering becoming a language teacher and would like some advice.
Or it could be that you like hanging around with language teachers!
Whatever your motivation, you are very welcome.

Are you ready to swap ideas and lesson plans, pick up tips and exchange stories and job information? We will try to meet once a month on a week-day evening in Brussels, for drinks, to chat about the issues of the day.

So join us on Tuesday, January 20 at the Flamingo Café in Brussels for a toast to the New Year and to get to know other attendees.
Turn up whenever you can after work, I’ll be there from 18:30.

Language Teachers Meetup

I look forward to meeting you!

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Online booking interface update

We did an update of our booking system, now we accept directly MasterCard and Visa. No need to go through PayPal if you don’t have a PayPal account. 🙂
And other credit cards and debit cards like Carte Bleue, Bancontact will be accepted soon. We’ll keep you posted in the coming weeks.

Pay your private lessons with credit cards


And you, what would you like to learn today? Apprentus can help you. Search thousands of teachers for private lessons today!
Search for your teacher now.

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Open sourcing Aristotle – a new way of looking at Business Logic in Ruby

At Apprentus we’re huge fans of Open Source. Our entire site is built with Ruby on Rails and the vast amount of readily available Rubygems, among other Open Source technologies (PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, etc). It is a tremendous timesaver when you can plug in to a great ecosystem and don’t have to write every piece of code from scratch (e.g. Facebook authentication, Geolocation, HTML entity decoding, PDF generation, etc).

In the spirit of giving back to the community when possible we’ll be open sourcing some reusable parts of our site in the coming months.

The first of such parts is Aristotle – a ruby gem built to keep Business Logic code in sync with documentation for non-technical stakeholders. It’s loosely inspired by Cucumber and is actually pretty cool! : )

To explain, let’s start with an example.

We use different mail templates in the different stages of a student-teacher communication. All of these templates can be edited by the admins, but it’s not totally obvious which template is used when.

We used to have code like this in the Message model:

When a wrong template is used and my co-founder asks why, I have to look in the code to figure out what went wrong. It’s possible it wasn’t a technical bug at all, but just false assumptions made when designing the system.

Aristotle lets me separate the logic of choosing the template from the actual model code. I write out the logic rules in plain english in app/logic/message.logic:

And create a corresponding app/logic/message_logic.rb:

Now the code in my Message model just looks like this:

And if my co-founder ever asks which template is used and why, I can direct him to the admin pages where the logic is shown by calling

like this:

Message logic rules

As an added bonus I can directly see the code as well:

Aristotle Business Logic code rules

Choosing a template for a message is a simple example. The system really shines when you have even more rules, for example:

Lines #5 and #6 illustrate the logic errors that are easy to debug with Aristotle without even looking at the code.

So there you have it. Aristotle – a new way of looking at Business Logic in Ruby, built with the goal of minimising documentation and maintenance overhead for non-technical stakeholders.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

And if you or someone you know ever needs private lessons on any subject in the French-speaking part of Europe, check out Apprentus!

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We have a new hamburger menu

Apprentus is getting closer to its responsive design. Today we proudly introduce our hamburger menu.

Not this one:


but this one:

Apprentus Hamburger Menu

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Jouer de la musique, c’est bon pour le cerveau !

Que se passe-t-il dans votre cerveau quand vous jouez d’un instrument de musique ?

L’on sait déjà que lorsqu’on écoute de la musique, plusieurs zones du cerveau deviennent actives et engagées.
Mais quand vous prenez des cours de musique ou que vous jouez d’un instrument, votre cerveau sollicite en même temps différentes zones des hémisphères gauche et droit et particulièrement les zones où sont traitées les informations relatives à la vision, à l’audition et aux fonctions motrices.
Cet engagement complet du cerveau se transforme en une musculation complète. D’après Anita Collins, un véritable feu d’artifice explose dans le cerveau du musicien quand il joue et chaque séance de jeu apporte des effets positifs à long terme sur son cerveau.

Ted-Ed a mis une vidéo en ligne (en anglais) qui illustre exactement ce qui se passe dans votre cerveau quand vous jouez de la musique. Si votre entourage ne croit pas dans vos capacités cérébrales, montrez-leur cette vidéo !

Vous voulez apprendre à jouer d’un instrument de musique ?
Rechercher parmi des milliers de professeurs de musique le cours particulier idéal près de chez vous : Recherchez un professeur de musique


Vous êtes musicien ? Dites-nous quels sont les effets positifs que la musique a eus sur votre vie.

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